Our Story

Once upon a time in sunny San Diego, California, a dynamic duo by the names of Mr. Ashley and Mrs. Lindsey Head embarked on an extraordinary journey. Their shared passion for creativity, representation, and entrepreneurship led them to establish a remarkable company known as Curls Poppin'. Ashley, an African American and a proud alumnus of the prestigious Morehouse College, and his wife Lindsey, both possessed an unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Curls Poppin' was more than just a business for this couple; it was a labor of love and a vision brought to life. Their journey began with the creation of high-quality hair products and tools designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of individuals with curly hair. The result was a range of products that celebrated the beauty of curls and empowered people to embrace their natural textures. These products became available on their website, aptly named www.curlspoppin.com.

But Ashley and Lindsey's mission didn't stop there. They were keenly aware of a gap in the market, one that tugged at their hearts. They noticed that there was a scarcity of beautiful dolls of color that accurately represented girls with naturally curly hair. This realization struck a chord with them, and it was from this recognition that the idea for the Curls Poppin' Doll collection was born in 2020.

The Curls Poppin' Dolls were envisioned as more than just playthings; they were ambassadors of diversity and self-acceptance. These dolls showcased an array of curl patterns and textured hair types, ensuring that every child could see themselves reflected in the toys they played with. The attention to detail in crafting these dolls was remarkable, with each doll boasting not only stunning curly hair but also beautiful faces and the unique ability to stand tall in their heels, inspiring confidence and empowerment.

What truly set Curls Poppin' apart was its vision to bring these one-of-a-kind dolls to collegiate institutions. It was here that the founders saw a golden opportunity to offer a unique novelty gift item representing various schools. But more importantly, it was a chance to reach out to the underrepresented students on campuses who had never seen anything quite like the Curls Poppin' Dolls. These dolls became symbols of identity, empowerment, and inclusion for students who had longed to see themselves represented in the world of toys.

With Curls Poppin', Ashley and Lindsey were not just creating hair products and dolls; they were weaving a narrative of diversity, self-acceptance, and representation that resonated with people of all ages and backgrounds. Their journey was a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and a drive to make the world a more inclusive and beautiful place, one curl and one doll at a time.