Curls Poppin' Dolls - The Original HBCU HBCyoU dolls and first and only dolls to be sold in the Spelman College and Morehouse College bookstores

Curls Poppin' Dolls is an innovative doll line created in 2010 by CEO Mr. Ashley T. Head, but brought to the market in 2019 by him and his wife Mrs. Lindsey Head. The Curls Poppin’ Dolls were designed to celebrate natural beauty, promote diversity, and inspire educational aspirations among children, particularly those of Black heritage. Unlike conventional dolls, Curls Poppin' Dolls boast stunning, voluminous natural curls, an extensive range of the most articulation joints of any doll their size that can stand confidently in their custom black heels. With their various shades of brown skin and textured hair, each Curls Poppin’ Doll is designed to give children a sense of ethnic familiarity and be an aspirational role model – who dreams big, sets goals, works hard towards their endeavors, which will manifest rewarding futures.

This unique combination not only fosters creativity and imaginative play, but also serves as a powerful tool for teaching about Black higher education and empowering children to pursue their academic dreams. They are the original Historically Black College & University Dolls “HBCU Dolls, HBCyoU Dolls”. The Curls Poppin’ Dolls are the first and only dolls to be sold in the bookstores of the #1 HBCU, Spelman College and Morehouse College, which are both located in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Ashley T. Head is a 2003 Morehouse College Alumni and has taken great pride in creating the most beautiful dolls in the world.

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